2019. Graduation at Photoplay, group exhibition.

2019. Solo exhibition at Suro Mkrtichan gallery.


2021, April. ArtRussia fair.

2021, June. State Museum of History of Cosmonautics, group exhibition. 

2021, October. Solo exhibition at EvmenevaArt gallery.

2021, Novermber. Solo exhibition at Gartallery gallery.

2021, December. Solo exhibition at Simple Music house


2022, April. ArtRussia fair.

2022, May. Solo exhibition at ArtMaison gallery.

2022, August. "Sea inside" festival, group exhibition.




2023, April. Collab exhibition "Сушка" with Eugenii Bolgov. 

2023, June 17 - August 17. Emigrant cafe/The Club restaurant, solo exhibition.